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    Blue Dream By Adam Wyman
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Thank You Everyone Involved with the Contest
 Especially the Photographers who continue to amaze us and push the boundaries of the Art.
The images from a Glass Eye 2016 show will continue until October 21, 2016
It is worth taking the time to check it out.
Our online Gallery has been updated. 
2016 Gallery
The photographer’s eye is constantly searching for unforgettable images that leave emotional imprints lingering in the mind. They may come unexpectedly or they may be the result of careful and thoughtful planning. But in the hands of an inspired artist, the camera’s glass eye captures more than the visible–it captures the invisible. It captures what is seen by the photographer’s mind’s eye and shares that vision with the viewer.
Best in Show for 2016 Images from a Glass Eye
 Blue Dream by Adam Wyman