1. Fall by Richard Davis
  2. Naked Lady by Ernie Giesker
  3. 2nd Place
    2nd Place
    Flamingo Curve by Clare Carbonell
  4. Fort Point Geometry by Adam Wyman
  5. Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Sacramento River Headwaters by Lindsay Budner
  6. 4th Place
    4th Place
    King St. Station by Stephanie Luke
  7. Lift Off by Jim Duckworth
  8. Magnificent Flight by Jim Duckworth
  9. Classic by Robert Bird
  10. Outstanding Egg by Steven Arrison
  11. Time Traveler by Edward Beier
  12. Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Untitled by Edward Beier
  13. 3rd Place
    3rd Place
    Cocoon by Stephanie Luke
  14. Double With a Twist by Michael Eichwald
  15. Eagle Harbor Lighthouse by Eugene Knaebel
  16. Japanese Iris by Ernie Giesker
  17. Sleeping by Ernie Giesker
  18. Lift Off by Jim Duckworth
  19. Malachite Water - Bear Hole, Bidwell Park by Robert Woodward
  20. Best in Show
    Best in Show
    Paso Doble by Stephanie Luke
  21. Pigeon Point Sunset by Adam Wyman
  22. Reeds and Ripples by Robert Woodward
  23. Reflections on a Rice Field by Robert Woodward
  24. Fibonacci Fractals by Bruce Ross
  25. Raindrop Tabletop by Bruce Ross
  26. Storm Clouds Over Pt. Reyes by Eugene Knaebel
  27. Sunset by Alfred Nandino
  28. Taking the Ice by Clare Carbonell
  29. Tepona Point by Adam Wyman
  30. The Canadians by Christine Wyman
  31. Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    The Observers by Eugene Knaebel
  32. Waimea bay Girl Jump by Jon Neal
  33. Winter Solstice - Chapter House Vina by Joel Reinhard
  34. Working the Ride by KR Crockett